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Situated across the road from more than 5km of sandy beach linking the villages of Mornington, Bettystown and Laytown together, Lynch's Caravan Park is the ideal escape from urban life.


Bettystown Beach

Lined with sheltered burrows, there's a tranquil spot for everyone.  If stretching your legs down a soft sandy beach is your ideal.....look no further.

beach walkway.jpg

Access to the Beach

Crossing the road, just outside the gates of the caravan park - there is a wooden pathway to the beach.  Step outside your mobile home & two minutes later you are making your way onto the strand, sipping a gourmet coffee from Burrows Lane Coffee Shop.


Bettystown Square

Relish is good for lunch, Ellie's for an ice cream and Chans - a popular Chinese restaurant for an evening meal. There are number of shops, pubs, takeaways, and hair salons.  The village pharmacy opens 7 days a week, and there's a Tesco Supermarket just around the corner.

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